Our Goldens in the early days

(when it all started)


Lucretias Glad Gilbert

1981 - 1995

NorwCh Earl Dinwiddy/Noravon Lucretia

"Gibbe" BIS veteran Linköping

"Gibbe" got his 3 CC:s at an early age and won several BOS, BOB, BIG and BIS placings.

1990 was a splendid year for "Gibbe" 9 years)
BIS and BIS veteran in Linkoping (Saturday)
BIS veteran, Linkoping (Sunday)
BIS veteran, Norrkoping SKK
BIS veteran Askersund, SKK

The highlight of the year was when "Gibbe"
was invited to compete in the Swedish Kennel Club
Veteran of Veterans in the end of that year.

He finished off his career becoming BIS over 11 years of age
at The Golden Retriever Club Show in Farsta.



"Inka" our foundation bitch

SwCh Lucretias I´m On Fire

1982 - 1994

NorwCh Gyrima Zacharias/Noravon Lucretia

It was Inka who thought us how fun it can be to work a golden retriever.
She became a Champion her first time out in open class field trail.


SwCh Tartuff´s Nova Trix

1984 - 1997

NorwCh Earl Dinwiddy/SwCh Lucretias I´m On Fire

"Nova" was born in September 1984.
She was from our first litter.
Nova gained her 3 CC:s in two consequent weekends with
2 BOS and 1 BOB and 1 Int CC.

Nova got a first prize and honors prize
in beginners classfield trail her first time out.
She was best beginner at that trail as well.

She became a champion second try in Open Class field trail.


SwCh NorwCh Tartuff´s Mellow Music

1986 - 2000

NorwCh Mjærumhøgdas Magic Man/SwCh Lucretias I´m On Fire

We have had a lot of fun together with "Gutten",
who at his first field trail got a first prize in the youth class.
Unfortunately "Gutten" thought it was quicker
to do his own game finding rather than listen to his handler
so he got a few second prizes before he got his
first 1 prize in the open class.

BIS veteran (12 years old) at
the Golden Retriever Club Show in Farsta.


Knegarens Sweet´n Sachy

1988 - 1992

FinCh Linchael Ravel/Knegarens Querieda

Our lovely bitch "Sassa"

Only once attended a field trail when she got a first prize in beginners class.
In the show ring Sassa got ck (CC quality).

Sassa was a once in a lifetime sort of dog. I will never forget my Sassa!

Stenbury Water Loveliness

1993 - 2004

Nesslan88.JPG (40561 bytes)

Never have I owned such a genial bitch, stable and
with very BIG waterpassion.

Tartuff's Maximilian of Wight

1999 - 2009

Maxi 21 sept-08
SV-97 SU(U)CH NUCH Marjamez Masterpiece  u. Stenbury Water Loveliness

Owner: Åsa Rudahl


Maxi was Nesslans son in all way.